Gmail Backup Tool
Client Reviews

Gmail Backup Tool - I never thought once I will feel the need of third party software to backup my GMail account. Entire data is now available in PST format and at crucial times also I am able to access my GMail account even when network connectivity is limited or unavailable. Working on Outlook is now more convenient and this makes my business communications more easy and effective.

Ronald Grefer Holland

GMail account is hacked!!! I was shocked to receive this message from my friends and all advice was leading to deactivate the account immediately. Thanks to GMail Backup Tool that helped me to get backup of my GMail mails to PST days before when my friend advised me about the benefits of having backup of mails in an desktop email client. The confidence of having GMail emails in PST helped me to sort out issues after GMail hack.

Tina Ricks USA

It is wonderful tool that give range of backup options to backup GMail account and allow user like me to safely work with GMail as well as Outlook PST with same data available. I took this step of GMail backup when I know about GMail blackout. GMail Backup Tool is one solution that will help millions and millions of GMail users to avoid the loss of data or data accessibility.

Ornald Williams Philippians

This was great support from you considering the low cost of your GMail backup tool and has been much appreciated.  I'll make sure I spread the word about GMail Backup Tool and about the company with my peers over in the UK.

Col. Hentry D’silva. UK

You people simply rocks!!! Must say wonderful tool with wonderful functionalities made active for me like GMail users. Highly effective, affordable simple to work with and familiar in steps- these are the contributions of GMail Backup Tool. I simply loved to work with it.

Jimmy Jeorge Korea